“Being given this opportunity to study at APC is a big blessing. In my short stay, I have gained a lot of knowledge that I know will be useful for me in the future. I find our subjects really challenging, forcing me to push myself to be better with each lesson. I know that I have improved a lot – big thanks to APC!”

- Gremio Rex, Grade 11

“For students like me who come from a non-formal school system (or the ALS – Alternative Learning System), being in APC could be very daunting, full of tension. There’s so much support from teachers, however, that make learning exciting here in APC! Now in Grade 12, I am totally immersed in a reall business environment as an intern in an IT-BPO company – thank you to APC’s Senior High School Program! This is my chance to fulfil a dream – and no way will I waste this!”

- Jessa Buelba, Grade 12 Intern

“I find APC’s Higher School Program as an easier, more useful way of studying. Its partnership with various industries such as the IT BPO companies make it a l easier for Grade 12 students to land in a good internship program and, more importantly, a good career later on! Its Academic Track gives a chance to students to go back to school and finish a degree after work. ”

- Sarah Duliguez, Grade 12 intern

“Having the opportunity to study at APC was a big blessing for me. APC has made me not only become a strong and better person but also knowledgeable of a lot of new things that are very important in life. I find our subjects really advanced and that I have to push myself further to cope with the lessons… And I know now that I have improved a lot because of these learning experiences. Thanks APC for giving the opportunity to learn and inspire others as well.”

- Gremio Rex, Grade 11.

“I feel like every moment's filled with tension, especially from us who came from the non-formal school system (ALS). But I am very thankful because our teachers are giving their best efforts to teach us and to support us whenever we are challenged. Every experience is truly a treasure for us and we will forever be grateful for this. I am applying all the knowledge that I learned from APC in my internship. I’m enjoying my time with my colleagues while learning from each other as well here in an IT-BPO company. I am thankful for this opportunity ... I grab it and I will never waste this chance to fulfill my dreams for my child and mine.”

- Jessa Buelba, Grade 12 Intern

“The Higher School program is set as a 2-year course and I find it as an easy way to study because you don't need to pursue a 4-year degree course just to have a high-profit job. If you are a graduate of this program, you also get the chance to land on a better job experience because of the academic track experience and the 6-month internship in a BPO company. What I am very excited about is to finally graduate from this course and to be absorbed in the IT-BPO industry. It's indeed a blessing. For me, having a better life does not always depend on having a degree but it depends on one's competencies and skills as a person.”

- Sarah Duliguez , Grade 12 Intern.

“We are aiming to be professionals someday and that is what we are being trained for. .. As one of the scholars and a model student of the APC Higher School program, I am very thankful and blessed with the opportunity that was given to me. I am looking forward for more opportunities and open doors as I go along the career pathway that I have chosen. I just have to give my best to everything I do and never neglect my responsibilities as a student. By so doing, I know that everything is possible and that I will be successful in the future.”

—Nikko Ducot, Grade 11.

“APC provides complete and advanced technology to aid students’ learning. I hope that more students would find and enjoy this opportunity in the coming years.”

- Milagrosa Borci, Grade 12.